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H Dean Watson

Dean offers his speaking services on various topics to community, church, & civic clubs. Please have your program chairman contact us at dean@ancientfootsteps.com


H. Dean Watson, Storyteller of The Gospel, presents:

Ground Zero Gospel

A seismic journey into the Sermon On The Mount
and the parables of Jesus as a dynamic storyteller-musician shares the gospel in story form.

Ye Olde Storyteller-Minstrel

Member Network of Biblical Storytellers International

“In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, But in these last days he has spoken to us by his son”
Hebrews 1; 1-2

…and how did His son Jesus speak to us from the shores of Galilee? He told stories!

“Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in parables; he did not say anything to them without using a parable”. (NIV)
Matthew 13;34

A memorable way to share the gospel to young and old alike.

Bring “Storytelling the Bible” to your church TODAY!


Current Story Series

For Adults:

  1. The Cotton Patch Gospel according to Clarence: Buzzing Caterpillars or Breezy Butterflies​?
  2. Who Was His Neighbor, Kind & True? The Samaritan Parable, a unique re-telling.
  3. Finding Goats Among the Sheep, Matthew 25; 31-46.
  4. Remembering Good Old Uncle George, Healing Our Image of God.

For Children & Families at Christmas:

A Wonderful Gospel Story

One of the richest joys of Christmas is sharing the gospel and it’s meaning with our friends and family. Churches can experience this magic and meaning, as presented in a unique and effective story form by master storyteller, H.Dean Watson in the way Jesus took kids on his knee and shared the gospel with both them and adults by telling stories.

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 Product Details


  • “Pulsing with intense feeling!  Immersed in the nuances of the story! You feel it!  You see it!  You hear it!  You find yourself leaning forward!  Dean Watson draws you into the biblical story with his multi-leveled drama by captivating your mind and your heart.  And to top it all off, to engage him in conversation off stage is every bit as exhilarating!  He is a unique blend of story teller, theologian, and pilgrim along the journey!”
    -John Adams, Ph.D, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Easley, SC  864-979-8706
  • Dean understands and appreciates the world of the folktale. By using his storytelling abilities, he takes you on a nostalgic journey through a simpler time.  Dean’s voice and mannerisms draw you into his folktales, bringing the past to life.”Amanda R. Turner,
Coordinator of Curriculum, Courses, and Classes, Clemson University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI),  864-633-5242
  • “ Last evening’s presentation was superb…Thanks for re-introducing Clarence Jordan to the saints at FBC Easley. The energy, creativity, humor and confrontational energy you brought was a needed reminder of the demands of discipleship”
    -Dr Jim Pitts, Furman University Chaplain, 864-979-4128

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Call for information: 864-979-7788;  dean@ancientfootsteps.com

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