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Dean has trained under some of the top communicators/storytellers in the country: Jay O’Callahan, teller at the US Olympics,  Dr. Tom Boomershine, United Theological Seminary and founder of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, and classic teller Ms. Augusta Baker, librarian at the New York City Library & later storyteller in residence at University of South Carolina.  His most inspiring mentor-storyteller is Clarence Jordan, co-founder of Habitat for Humanity.


Storytelling IS marketing…let me tell your story.


Storytelling the Bible like you’ve never heard it before:



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Appalachian Folktales & inspirational stories come to fiery life infused with the dynamic enthusiasm of a master storyteller, H. Dean Watson, who himself was inspired by his grandfather, an old country preacher and storyteller who shared many a lively tale.  A  sampling of Dean’s story lore consists of::

For Churches

“Every powerful character that we encounter in story is a challenge to our own character and holds the possibility of changing us”
-Daniel Taylor, Ph.D.

  • Sharing the transformative gospel as Jesus did, telling stories
  • Member Network of Biblical Storytellers International (NBSI)
  • Inspirational Stories: (see speaking) Sacred Stories from the early Christian church and the middle ages as Dean brings his own brand of High passion drama to your church sharing Jesus’ teaching parables, the “Cotton Patch gospel”, the Sermon on the Mount, and Old Testament stories as well. It is a unique & memorable way to share the gospel story for young and old alike and maybe even a few banjo songs. Dean can bring this unique and lively program idea to your church on Sunday Morning, evening, or midweek Hebrews 1, 1-2; “In the past God spoke to our ancesters through the prophets at many times and in various ways, But in these last days he has spoken to us by his son”… and how did His son Jesus speak to us from the shores of Galilee?…He told stories!…. Matthew 13, 34; “Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in parables; he did not say anything to them without using a parable”. (NIV)
  • Family togetherness; storytelling the gospel for special children sessions with their family.

 For Schools & Festivals

Educational and fun stories for schools and churches. Adaptable to preschool up to high school teens

  • Jack TalesGrandfather Tales (Richard Chase), classics from Appalachian mountain culture
  • Native American legends such as Utlunta  “Spearfinger”, stone skinned witch of the Cherokee collected by James Mooney from Swimmer, Cherokee medicine man. These stories from Mooney’s History, Myths, and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee.
  • Ghost stories like Mark Twain’s favorite story,  “The Golden Arm”, originally from Joseph Jacobs’ collection with versions in many cultures around the world. Dean created the highly successful Ghost Tours at Hagood  Mill Historic Site and Folklife Center
  • Trickster tales from the Americas to the far east such as “Kantchil’s Limepit” (Indonesia, from Harold Courlander’s collection)  or “Li’l Brer Rabbit’s first visit to the big city of Pickens”, collected from Ben Robertson’s Red Hills and Cotton.
  • Multi-cultural Wisdom Stories -Sufi, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, & Daoist wisdom stories from around the world
  • Animal Teaching Stories such as “Crab & Jaguar” (Russian, from Augusta Baker)  &  “Brer Possum Shudda Knowed Better”(African American)

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  • Dean understands and appreciates the world of the folktale. By using his storytelling abilities, he takes you on a nostalgic journey through a simpler time.  Dean’s voice and mannerisms draw you into his folktales, bringing the past to life.”Amanda R. Turner,
Coordinator of Curriculum, Courses, and Classes, Clemson University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI),  864-633-5242
  • “I have had the opportunity to work with Dean Watson on a variety of musical projects over the past ten years.
  • He used his strong network within Appalachian music to develop an amazing “Music in the Mountains” series for Hagood Mill. When the challenge of funding for Music in the Mountains became an issue Dean Watson identified and secured sustainable sponsorship.
  • When the Smithsonian New Harmonies Roots music exhibit was displayed at Southern Wesleyan University, Dean Watson, developed over twenty-five dynamic musical performances which resulted in a tremendous Tourism impact.
  • Dean Watson is a people person who continues to bring dedication and forward thinking to any music or Tourism project in which he is involved” – Helen Hockwalt,Tourism & Marketing Director
    For Pickens County SC (recently retired)  864-979-4778
  • “Thank you for making this story(Polar Express) so special for our boys and girls. You told it beautifully. Merry Christmas!” …Forrest Acres Kindergarten(Easley) students and teachers, December 1996 (a tradition at Forrest Acres Elem. School every Christmas). –Pat Butts,librarian,
  • “Students went back to their classes talking about the fun they had listening to your stories. Teachers were very pleased that their students had the experience.  It was a highlight for our day. I feel that the educational part of the stories will have an impact in building background knowledge that will be evident back in the classroom.  Students were learning and they didn’t even know it. Thank you again for coming to share with us. We would love to have you back again.” – Sheila Martin,media specialist, R.C.Edwards Middle School, Clemson,SC
  • “Pulsing with intense feeling!  Immersed in the nuances of the story! You feel it!  You see it!  You hear it!  You find yourself leaning forward!  Dean Watson draws you into the biblical story with his multi-leveled drama by captivating your mind and your heart.  And to top it all off, to engage him in conversation off stage is every bit as exhilarating!  He is a unique blend of story teller, theologian, and pilgrim along the journey!” –John Adams, Ph.D, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Easley, SC
  • “ Last evening’s presentation was superb…Thanks for re-introducing Clarence Jordan to the saints at FBC Easley. The energy, creativity, humor and confrontational energy you brought was a needed reminder of the demands of discipleship” –Dr Jim Pitts, Furman University Chaplain
  • “Having seen and heard Dean Watson at a variety of venues over the years I can honestly say that he has the unique gift of captivating any audience with his persona, with his storytelling and with his music. Comfortable with all ages, Dean’s stories not only keep alive many of our old time traditions, but also teach great character traits. His banjo playing is always was fun and lively. Children become engaged in his performances, unable to hide their smiles as they listen. Youngsters, as well as the adults, will find themselves laughing one moment, and then pondering what they just heard the next.I highly recommend that any school, workshop or performance venue partake of any opportunity to enjoy and benefit from Dean Watson’s generous offering of time and talent. You will be glad that you welcomed to your facility such a funny and inspirational storyteller who displays a passionate concern for our heritage, our faith and our children” –Allen Coleman, Executive Director, Pickens County Museum of Art & History; Hagood Mill Historic Site & Folklife Center

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